25 years of experience endorse our products.


BEfresh Technology is the result of the expertise of an industrial business group with more than 25 years of experience in the electrical and ceramic sectors. The business group was formed in 1991 with the creation of the company Famatel and Keraco, specializing in the manufacture of low-voltage electrical products and technical ceramics.

With the aim of diversifying the business model and harnessing the firm’s extensive experience in the manufacture of technical ceramics, the company BEfresh Technology was founded to provide air purification solutions. BEfresh Technology is committed to offering comprehensive air purification solutions that contribute to more sustainable development.

Personalised advice for each customer: Thanks to the group’s extensive experience, BEfresh Technology puts a premium on the importance of creating added value for its clients’ projects with the support of a highly qualified team of professionals with the expertise to provide customized technical solutions.


To achieve excellence, we work hard on research and discovery. In other words, we innovate. Because innovation is what makes us different and connects us with our clients.

Our range of BEfresh products is the reflection of our core corporate principles: cutting-edge technology, a commitment to R&D&I, and the determination to contribute to more sustainable development. For this purpose, we have a laboratory where we develop, innovate and control the quality of our products.

We focus all our efforts on maintaining the highest level of development in those technologies that are essential for the manufacture of our products. Our production line manufacturing system, featuring state-of-the-art machinery, allows us to guarantee a fast and efficient service in response to market demand.


We focus on quality control during the entire manufacturing process. Moreover, our laboratory carries out Exhaustive quality control of finished products, with traceability records for all the range of products.

A key element of our business policy is based on establishing and maintaining an effective and efficient Quality Control Programme in all the company’s departments and processes. A process applicable to the entire distribution chain: growers, exporters, logistics operators, wholesalers and retailers.

The integrated quality management system at BEfresh is based on the directives of the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. Compliance is spearheaded by our senior management and involves the commitment of the entire organization.